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Method 2: Decimal to Binary
# Far to the right, write the '''number 1''' and while moving '''leftwards''', '''double the number''' until that number is NOT greater than the decimal number to be converted (refer to the diagram).<br>
# If you are converting to 8-bit, 32-bit, etc., enter '''leading zeros''' if those doubled numbers are '''greater than''' the decimal number.<br>
# Moving in a '''rightwards ''' direction, if there is a the doubled number '''less ''' than the decimal number, write a '''1 ''' and subtract the double number's value from the decimal number.<br># If the next doubled number is '''greater ''' then the remainder, then write a '''zero'''; otherwise, if the number is less than but not zero, repeat the above steps #4 and #5 until you have obtained your binary number.<br>

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