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Investigation 2: Advanced uses of FirewallD: - removing note about old bug
Having removed the default network, you have also removed the firewall settings it was providing for you that allowed your machines to communicate with the outside world. Perform the following steps on your host.
<ol><li>Set the virtual interface that is assigned to your new virtual network to be part of the ‘external’ zone. Make sure the change will be permanent.</li>
<ul><li>Due to a [ known issue], you will have to restart the NetworkManager service before this change becomes apparent.</li></ul>
<li>Ensure Masquerading is set to off for this zone.</li>
<ul><li>While masquerading would allow our machines to reach the network outside by hiding their internal addresses behind the host machine’s address, it would not help us allow new connections to be made to the servers inside our network. We will have to set that up ourselves.</li></ul>
<li>Make sure these changes persist past rebooting.</li></ul>
==Investigation 3: Routing==
In the previous investigation you configured the firewall on the host to allow your virtual machines to communicate with other students’ networks as well as the outside world, but they can not actually reach

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