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How to Run a Telescope Triage Meeting

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# Another person should lead a discussion with the team, keeping everything on track and progressing. The goal of the meeting isn't to solve everything during the meeting, but to make sure the right people are assigned responsibility to follow-up after the meeting.
# Everyone else is encouraged to work along on their laptop (e.g., in GitHub), and join the discussion.
# Tree managers (and ideally all core team members) must be Watching the repo on GitHub to get all notifications and see everything that is going on in Issues and Pull Requests, so they can respond quickly to problems.
## Who will take care of filing these?
## Who will own them and make sure they get fixed and reviewed?
# Next, do our core team members have Issues assigned to them for this week?
## Check the Project Board for the current release, make sure everyone on the team has assigned work
## Discuss any outstanding Issues that need an owner, and try to find one
# Next, look through the current list of Issues for this week's Milestone/Project.
## Is anything in here at risk?

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