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Minor updates for Winter 2020
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* OPS335 taught you to administer Linux servers (web servers, DNS servers, FTP servers, file sharing servers).
* OPS435 taught you how to automate server administration tasks using scripting tools
* OPS535 give you an opportunity to put your Linux Sever administrator skills in action by integrating NFS, NIS, DNS, LDAP, HTTP, SMTP and networking services and provide solutions to real world problems.
In this course you use a removable disk pack with the lab computers to set up a Linux system as a IP network router. You will also create and set up several VMs on your Linux host to provide various network services.
= Faculty =
During the Fall 2019 Winter 2020 semester, OPS535 is taught by:
* [ Peter Callaghan]
* 10 labs (10%)
* Quizzes (Minimum 5 ) (10%)* Tests (Minimum 1) (20% )
* Two assignments (30%)
* Final exam (30%)

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