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DPS911 Winter 2019

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Detailed grading information will be discussed later in the term.
* 9080% - '''6 bi-weekly releases''' must be completed. Each release should correspond to a bug being fixed, a pull request being made, etc. You will be marked every two weeks as follows:** 10% - Code, Pull Requests marked on code quality, ambition, process (e.g., did you do it vs. did they land it), completeness, qualityprofessionalism, ambitiousnesstime management** 5% - DemoClass Presentation: demos, status updateupdates, review of teaching what you've learnedbeen learning, etc. to be done in class and online
* 10% - class discussion, participation on Slack, feedback, and contributions to other students' demos, presentations, or bugs.
* 10% - managing the Telescope project: leading weekly triage and status meetings, overseeing issues and pull requests, helping to set priorities, co-ordination between developers, community management
* [[Winter 2019 2020 DPS911 and OSD700 Resources]]* [ Open Source@Seneca Planet]- soon to be replaced by Telescope!
* [ #osd700-dps911 channel on our Slack]

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