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OPS235 Assignment 2

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Configuring MySQL
#* If you do not see any messages, research how you can secure the MySQL installation and set the MySQL-root password.
#* Read those messages carefully, you are setting up a production MySQL server and there shouldn't be any "test" databases or anonymous users or users without a password.
# Set your MySQL root password to your learn ID Seneca e-mail username (without the part).
# This following part is challenging so take your time and read the instructions to make sure you do it properly, we have to set up a dedicated user and database for wordpress:
## '''NOTE: If you decide to download the wordpress package during this section, please use the 5.0.x version here (use wget):'''
## Your adminusername is root
## Your databasename is myblog
## Your wordpressusername is your learn IDSeneca username## The password should also be your learn IDSeneca username
## Your hostname is localhost

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