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DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019

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Week 11
* Discussion of git Workflows
** Value of CI - [ Travis CI builds] and [ Circle CI builds]
*** [ CI for Firefox]
** Rebasing vs Merging
** Dealing with packageLinear history is better than a tangled web of merges*** gitk on Telescope vs.json and package-lock*** gitk on Prettier, node.jsonjs, WebKit, Gutenberg
** Many, Small PRS are better than a few big ones
*** easier to review
*** easier to merge
** Break your work up, leverage the community of developers we have
** Dealing with package.json and package-lock.json
* Case Study
** git history for Mozilla
** Linear history vs. tons of merges
** [ Testing everything in CI]
** [ Walkthrough: using history to debug with git bisect]

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