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OPS335 Lab 5

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In Class Submission (Murray Saul's Classes only)
Follow the instructions for lab 5 on blackboard.
===In Class Submission (Murray SaulAndrew's Classes only)sections==='''Arrange evidence (command output) for each You may choose to:* Submit screenshots of these items your work on your screenBlackboard, then ask your instructor in which case you don't need to come to the lab.* Or come to review them and sign off on the lab, show me your work, and talk to me about it. I want to hear what you's completion:''ve learned and answer any questions you have. You'll get the same grade regardless of how you choose to submit your work.
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span> Proof of network share of VM2 machine from Windows VM via Windows Explorer application
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span> Display contents of '''/etc/samba/smb.conf''' file on VM2 machine
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span> Firewall exceptions (both machines) to allow Samba traffic
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span>Download the labcheck5.bash checking bash shell script by issuing the command:<br><br>and run '''wget http'''<br><br>set execute permission and run the shell script on your '''host''' machine. ::*For '''Peter's classes''', follow his Online Submission instructions in Moodle.::*For '''Murray's classes''', run the bash script on host and vm2 (piping to the '''more''' command) and show output to instructor.
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span>Completed Lab5 log-book notes.

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