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OPS335 Lab 5

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Accessing Files on a Linux Samba Server via Windows Explorer
<ol><li value="5"> You will be prompted to enter your samba username and password (one time only). Refer to diagram screenshot on right.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' It may take approximately 30 seconds to display the file contents.<br><br></li><li>Were you successful? You should have received an error stating the your credentials are incorrect. You will notice that it adds SENEDS to the beginning of your user name, as the Seneca machine is pre-configured to be part of that workgroup.</li><li>Change the workgroup parameter in smb.conf on VM2 to match the seneca domain SENEDS, and try to connect again.</li><li>Were you successful? If not, try to troubleshoot the problem first, then ask your lab assistant or instructor for assistance.</li><li>Close the Windows File Explorer application window.</li><li>Click on the '''START''' menu, and click on '''This PC'''.</li><li>Click on the Map Network Drive button, and create a '''mapped network drive''' (called it drive '''Z:''') which is a Samba share of your VM2 machine for the home directory.</li><li>When finished, click on '''Network''' in Windows file manager to confirm that the network share is present.</li><li>Try to create a file on Windows on your Linux Samba machine. Were you able to create a save a file?</li><li>Switch to your VM2 machine and check to see if that file was created in your home directory.</li></ol>
{{Admon/important |Backup your VMs!|You MUST perform a '''full backup''' of ALL of your VMs whenever you complete your '''OPS335 labs''' or when working on your '''OPS335 assignments'''. You should be using the dump command, and you should use the Bash shell script that you were adviced to create in order to backup all of your VMs.}}

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