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OPS335 Lab 5

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{{Admon/tip|Changing Existing Samba Account Passwords|If you need to change a user's existing Samba account password, you can issue the following command as root: '''smbpasswd username'''.}}
<ol><li value="6">Confirm the user you created has been added using the following command:<br>'''pdbedit -L -v'''</li><li>Test and review your configuration with the command:<br>'''testparm'''</li><li>Use the '''systemctl''' command to start the smb.service and enable the service to run on boot-up</li><li>Since we If you have SELinux set SELinux to enforcing, we you'll will need to tell it to allow samba access to home directories: '''setsebool -P samba_enable_home_dirs 1'''</li><li>Use the '''ss -nautp''' command to see with port Samba is running on.</li><li>Use the information in the previous step to modify the firewall on VM2 machine to allow samba traffic.</li><li>Test to see that you can connect to your Samba server (locally) by issuing the following command:<br>'''smbclient -U <yourSenecaID> -L'''</li><li>When prompted, enter your Samba account password.</li><li>The output from that issued command show appear similar to example displayed below:</li></ol>
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