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DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019

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** [] has notes on some research into these projects. Please add more as you find it.
== Week 10 ==
* Managing change on a fast moving project with lots of people
** Documentation doesn't work, project "rules" don't work
** Communication works (Watching Issues, Slack, in person discussions) and
** You have to enforce standards across a project using tools and automation
** Continuous Integration (CI) - [ we have Travis CI enabled]
** Static Analysis Tools
*** [ we have eslint for JavaScript using the Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide]
*** [ we have stylelint for CSS]
** Automated Tests with [ Jest]
** Next we can add Prettier for standard code formatting
* [ Case Study - Prettier]
** Web site:
** Twitter:
** GitHub:
** [ James Long introducing Prettier (video)]
** [ Visualization of Prettier Development (video)]
** [ Installing Prettier]
* Reviews
** PRs must have a title that explains the fix, links to an Issue #
** PRs must have a full description. If this is UI code, show a screenshot, or explain the fix, talk about how to review it, how to test it, what's not done, what's going to happen in further PRs, etc.
** All PRs must pass CI: eslint, stylelint, unit tests
** Don't let people land code with unrelated commits (e.g., merges with master)
** Ask people to update their master with upstream, and rebase
** Don't let people land code with changes to unrelated lines/files (e.g., package.json, whitespace changes)
** Make sure one PR doesn't undo the work of another (e.g., bad merge, erasing existing code)
** Ask yourself how we'll test every piece of code we take. We need to be able to trust it going forward.
** PRs for us to try reviewing together:
*** [ #102 - Added Extracting of URLs from blog feed function]
*** [ #123 - Fix #74: Validate blog URLs.]
*** [ #136 - Added feed list parser]
*** [ #137 - added pagination to feed for #40]

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