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DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019

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* [[DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019 - Lab 3|Lab 3]]
* [ Startup Open House Event Tonight, Thurs Sept 26 4-8]
== Week 5 ==
* Forking vs. Merging
** Anyone can fork, not everyone can get work merged back in
** [ My Repo: my house my rules]
** Some famous Forks
*** Firefox from Mozilla Suite
*** WebKit from KDE's KHTML
*** Blink from WebKit
*** Ubuntu from Debian
*** Sun's StarOffice became OpenOffice became LibreOffice
*** WordPress from Cafelog
*** MariaDB from MySQL
*** FireOS (Amazon for Kindle) from Android
*** io.js from node.js, which eventually became the official node.js
** Example Fork
*** [ Semantic UI]
*** [ Fomantic UI] - "Fomantic was created to continue active development of Semantic-UI and has the intent to be merged back into the master repository once active development can restart."
* Merging with git
** Where <code>git branch</code> splits histories apart, <code>git merge</code> brings them back together
** Understanding DIFFs and Patch files
*** <code>git diff</code>, <code>git show</code>, <code>git log -p</code>, etc. to show DIFFs
*** [ Pull Requests] also have links to get the raw [ .diff] and [ .patch]
*** [ How to read a DIFF file]
** Types of Merges: Fast Forward, Recursive Merges are the most common
*** <code>--ff-only</code> to force a fast-forward (only the branch pointer is moved, no new commit is created)
*** 3-way merges: two branch commits with a common ancestor (new commit is created with multiple parents)
*** Can have any number of parents though: one of the larges is a 66 commit octopus merge in the Linux kernel
** How to merge
*** start with a clean working directory
**** <code>commit</code> your work if you can; or
**** <code>stash</code> (<code>git stash list</code>, <code>git stash show</code>, <code>git stash pop</code>)
*** checkout the branch you want to merge '''into'''
*** <code>git merge branch_to_merge_into_this_branch</code>
** Various flags and commands to know:
*** <code>git merge --squash</code>
*** <code>git merge --abort</code>
*** <code>git merge --continue</code>
*** <code>git branch -d</code>
** Merge Conflicts
*** Conflict markers <code><<<<<<<<<</code>, <code>=============</code>, <code>>>>>>>>>>>>></code>
** [ Doing big merges in git]
** [[OSD & DPS909 Fall 2019 - Release 0.2|Release 0.2]]
** Lab 4 - TBA

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