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OPS335 - Assignment 1 (Part 1)

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Create a "Cloning-Source" VM (335assign Virtual Network)
<ol><li value="5">Make certain your cloning-source can connect to the Internet using the newer static configuration.</li><li>Run a '''yum update''' for this cloning-source.</li><li>Make certain that SELinux is set to '''enforcing'''.</li><li>Set up an SSH server on this "cloning-source".</li><li> Make sure that '''PermitRootLogin''' is set to '''yes''' for this server.</li><li>Make certain that only the root account is permitted to login only using key authentication. If other users are required to be created in a later assignment, they should be permitted to log in with their username and password.</li><li>Copy the same public key (already generated for your '''Host Machine''' for your '''root''' account in lab1) to the '''root''' account on your cloning-source.</li><li>Test to make certain that you can login from root on your host machine to your root account on the cloning-course ("pangaea") <u>'''without'''</u> being prompted for a pass-phrase.</li><li>If you have created a '''regular user''' when you installed this machine, '''<u>delete</u> that regular user''' (make certain to '''remove the regular user's home directory!''').</li></ol>
=== Set-up Firewall Rules for your Cloning-Source===

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