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OPS235 Lab 2

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Clarifies the "read the kickstart file" instruction.
# Record the time taken to install, and compare this to the time taken by the previous installations.<br><br>If during the installation, you see the message at the bottom '''Pane is Dead''', click the '''Virtual Machine''' menu at the top, select '''Shut Down''' -> '''Force Off''', '''right-click''' on '''centos3''' in the ''virtual manager'' window and select '''Delete'''. Redo the VM setup for a new instance of the ''centos3'' VM.<br><br>
# What happens when the installation is finished?
# Click '''In a web browser''', click the kickstart file (KS) link above. This link in is a web-browser, and record text file. Read through it to find the following information (pay attention to access lines starting with #) and record it in your centos3 VMLab Logbook:<ul><li>'''Regular-user account name'''</li><li>'''Regular-user account password'''</li><li>'''Root Password'''</li></ul>
# Boot the virtual machine and log in (use the user ID and password information from the previous step to gain access to this VM).
# Compare the experience to the first time you booted the other virtual machines.

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