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Tinderbox front page improvements

618 bytes added, 16:18, 14 December 2007
Release: 0.3 Release of tinderbox
Now that I've got a patch that gives me a list of Tinderbox trees with basic build information I can update my code. I'll be updating the AJAX on the .html file that I created for the 0.1 to use this new information.
Okay, with much hard work and re-learning of javascript I've finally come out with my 0.3a release of tinderbox.. Here's what it does.
* Modified some of the perl files to dynamically generate a generic list of tinderbox trees with their builders, it states success, build time, and URL.
* fixed up my own index file and JavaScript to parse the JSON file and display the results on the page.
==== Files ====
* All files individually in here, plop this into a local tinderbox instance and all should work.
* And the diff file to use with cvs
===Goals - Implement JSON output to

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