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ULI101 Assignment 1

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= <h1>ULI101 - Introduction to Unix/Linux and the Internet</h1> <h2>Assignment #1: Introduction to Unix/Linux Concepts=</h2>''' <p><b>Objective:''' </b> To gain experience with some of the fundamentals of Unix/Linux commands and the file system.</p> <p><b>Due date</b>: October 4, 2019, by midnight</p> <p><b>Value</b>: 6% of final course mark</p> <p><b>Perform the following steps on Matrix:</b></p> <ol> <li>Make sure that you have access to the Matrix server, which is <span style="color:red">required</span> to do the ULI101 assignments: <ul> <li>If you have never logged into Matrix before and you are new to Seneca, check your email for confirmation that your Matrix account has been automatically created. Contact [] in case of problems.</li> <li>Your Matrix account should be the same userid and password as your Seneca Email and Blackboard accounts.</li>
'''Due date </ul><br></li> <li>To begin Assignment 1, enter the following on Matrix:''' October 4 <br><br> <tt><b>~uli101/a1</b></tt> <br><br></li> <li>You will see the following screen, 2019please select the correct ULI101 section and professor (A to ZD):<br><br> <div style="border:solid 3px black; width:100ch; font-family:courier; font-weight:bold; line-height:normal"><br><span style="color:white; background-color:blue;">Please Identify Your ULI101 Section To Continue</span><br><br>This can be changed later if you move to a different section, by midnightor if you have entered an incorrectsection. Note that you can only be given credit for this Assignment if you have specified thecorrect section.<br><br>Select a section from the following list:<br> A - Brian Gray R - Chris Johnson B - Brian Gray S - Ayesha Manzer C - Brian Gray T - Ayesha Manzer D - Brian Gray U - Ali Nezhad E - Harvey Kaduri V - Ali Nezhad F - Murray Saul W - John Selmys G - Mark Buchner X - Murray Saul I - Murray Saul Y - John Selmys L - Eric Brauer Z - Tiayyba Riaz M - Eric Brauer ZA - Chris Johnson N - Eric Brauer ZB - Tiayyba Riaz O - Michael Huang ZC - John Selmys P - Azzad Kara ZD - Ahad Mammadov Q - Murray Saul
'''ValueEnter one of the section identifiers from above: <span style="color:white; background-color:''' 6% of final course markblue;">&nbsp;</span><br><br></div><br></li>'''Perform <li>You will see the following steps important notes on Matrixthe next screen:<br><br> <div style="border:solid 3px black; width:100ch; font-family:courier; font-weight:bold; line-height:normal">ULI101 Assignment 1: &nbsp;Notes<br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Some important notes on this Assignment:'''<br><br>#Make sure that you (1) You do NOT have access to do this whole Assignment in one sitting! Any completed sections will<br>be tracked.<br><br>(2) You may abort the Matrix server, which is required to do Assignment at any time by pressing Ctrl-c but you may lose any work done<br>on an incomplete section.<br><br>(3) Instructions for each page will be displayed at the bottom of the ULI101 assignments:screen.<br><br>#*If you have never logged into Matrix before (4) The answers expected in this Assignment are derived from the Assignment itself and you are new to Senecathe<br>course notes. The course notes should be used as a reference, check your email for confirmation if required. Using Google or<br>another search engine may provide answers that your Matrix account has been automatically createdare not accepted by the Assignment. Contact [mailto:servicedesk@senecacollege<br><br>(5) This Assignment is maintained by Les] in case of Please try to resolve any problems.with your<br>#*Your Matrix account instructor who will determine if Les should be the same userid and password as your Seneca Email and Blackboard accountscontacted.<br><br><br>#To begin Assignment 1, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Press &lt;ENTER&gt; to continue (or enter the following on Matrix:'m'-main menu).<span style="color:white; background-color:blue;">&nbsp;</span>#*<codebr>~uli101</a1div><br></codeli>#You will <li>Hit ENTER and you'll see the following screen, please select the correct ULI101 assuming you selected section and professor ("A to ZD)":<br><br>#*[[Image <div style="border:Matrixsolid 3px black; width:100ch; font-family:courier; font-assignmentweight:bold; line-section.png|thumb|none|800px|height:normal">ULI101 Assignment 1 : &nbsp;Selection Menu<br>- Section Screen]]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>Available selections:<br><br>1 <span style="color:white; background-color:blue;">Introduction to Unix Commands</span><br>2 <span style="color:white; background-color:blue">Basic Unix Commands</span><br>3 <span style="color:white; background-color:blue">Directory Management</span><br>#You will see the following important notes on the next screen4 <span style="color:white; background-color:blue">Practice Commands To Create A Directory Structure</span><br>#*[[Image5 <span style="color:Matrixwhite; background-assignmentcolor:blue">Create A Directory Structure</span><br>6 <span style="color:white; background-importantnotes.png|thumb|none|800px|color:blue">Practice Specifying Path Names</span><br><br>Marks earned so far for ULI101 Assignment - Important Notes Screen]]1: 0 out of 6<br><br>#Hit ENTER and you'll see The highlighted lines above indicate the incomplete parts of the followingAssignment.<br>There is a total possible mark of 6, assuming you selected section with 1 mark added for each completed<br>part. Late marks will be deducted at the rate of 0.6 marks (10%) per day for<br>parts completed after midnight of October 4 2019.<br><br><span style="Acolor:white; background-color:blue":>You cannot lower your overall mark by completing additional parts, no<br>matter how late. Only the additional parts will receive late penalties.</span><br><br>#*[[ImageYou are currently registered to <span style="color:Matrixwhite; background-assignmentcolor:blue">ULI101 Section A -mainscreenBrian Gray</span>.png|thumb|none|800px|<br>Select 'C' if you need to change your ULI101 Assignment 1 Section.<br><br><br>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enter a menu selection or 'q' to quit: <span style="color:white; background- Main Menu Screen]]color:blue">&nbsp;</span><br></div><br></li># <li>As you can see, the assignment is divided into 6 parts. Incomplete parts will be highlighted, as will incomplete sections within each part.# <br><br></li> <li>There is a total possible mark of 6, with 1 mark added for each completed part.# <br><br></li> <li>As noted, late marks will be deducted at the rate of 0.6 marks (10%) per day for parts completed after midnight of October 4.# <br><br></li> <li>When you complete each section, your updated mark will be displayed on the main selection menu.# <br><br></li> <li>Assignments <b>MUST </b> consist of the student's <b>OWN </b> work and <b>MUST </b> run on Matrix. <br><br></li> </ol>

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