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ULI101 Assignment 1

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#You will see the following screen, please select the correct ULI101 section and professor (A to ZD):
#You will see the following important notes on the next screen:
#Hit ENTER and you'll see the following, assuming you selected section "A":
#As you can see, the assignment is divided into 6 parts. Incomplete parts will be highlighted, as will incomplete sections within each part.
#There is a total possible mark of 6, with 1 mark added for each completed part.
#As noted, late marks will be deducted at the rate of 0.6 marks (10%) per day for parts completed after midnight of October 4.
#When you complete each section, your updated mark will be displayed on the main selection menu.
#Assignments MUST consist of the student's OWN work and MUST run on Matrix.

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