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ULI101 Assignment 1

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=Assignment #1: Introduction to Unix/Linux Concepts=
'''Objective:''' To gain experience with some of the fundamentals of Unix/Linux commands and the file system.
'''Due date:''' October 4, 2019, by midnight
'''Value:''' 6% of final course mark
'''Perform the following steps on Matrix:'''
#Make sure that you have access to the Matrix server, which is required to do the ULI101 assignments:
#*If you have never logged into Matrix before and you are new to Seneca, check your email for confirmation that your Matrix account has been automatically created. Contact [] in case of problems.
#*Your Matrix account should be the same userid and password as your Seneca Email and Blackboard accounts.
#To begin Assignment 1, enter the following on Matrix:
#You will see the following screen, please select the correct ULI101 section and professor (A to ZD):

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