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Tinderbox front page improvements

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Either Leave your feedback below or contact me ([[User:dominic|Dominic]]) directly.
==0.3=====Goals - Make my existing Tinderbox code use the new json output ===Now that I've got a patch that gives me a list of Tinderbox trees with basic build information I can update my code. I'll be updating the AJAX on the .html file that I created for the 0.1 to use this new information.===Release===
===0.2 Goals - Implement JSON output to
In the 0.2 release the major goal will be to implement the use of JSON output into the file found in tinderbox. The reason for this is that there is currently no way of extracting per tree information in an easy way. (IE. only the tinderbox panel.htm files are available) With the release of this 0.2 JSON fix I hope to now be able to remake my tinderbox interface and submit it for use using JSON. This will make my index page in the last build less server intensive which was the main reason for its rejection.
* Always looking for interesting and good ideas to improve tinderbox layout
===0.2 Release===
The 0.2 Release deals with creating a lean JSON output dynamically for all tinderbox trees available.
===0.1 Goals - Create index.html for
Since [] only redirects users to showbuilds.cgi there is no useful information presented to users immediately. The goal of the initial release will be to build a working index.html page based of [ Bug #366784] by Rob Helmer. The idea is to use the [ panels] that are automatically generated by Tinderbox and put them into iFrames or the like to display a list of available trees for checkin. The idea is a layout that will look similar to the following figure.

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