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DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019 - Lab 2

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Step 1: Create a new GitHub Repo
===Step 1: Create a new GitHub Repo===
# Create a new GitHub repo ([ instructions here]). :## Name it something like '''my-note''', '''micro-note''', '''whiteboard''' or something else that makes sense to you, and add ## Add a '''Description''', for example: '''"A web based note taking app"'''. ## Set your repo to be '''Public''', and initialize ## Initialize it with a '''''' and '''License'''. For your License, choose '''BSD 2-Clause "Simplified License"''' (see [ BSD 2-Clause]).
# Your new repo will have a URL that combines your GitHub username and chosen repo name: Understanding this URL scheme is important when you're trying to make sense of which version of a repo (i.e., which fork) you're reading.

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