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Add support for more compilers to distcc

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added 0.3 release plan and another contributor
<li>[[User:Vlam6|Vincent Lam]]</li>
<li>[[User:Vbala|Vijey Balasundaram]]</li>
<li>[[User:Simon|Simon Jung]]</li>
== Project Details/News ==
=== Plans for 0.3 release ===
While all the required functions exist, unit tests would streamline the testing process and ensure each function does exaclty what it's supposed to. Therefore, the major component of the 0.3 release is going to be a series of tests for the functions that can be run after any changes. In addition, (Time permitting) I'll clean up the instructions and make them clearer. See Below.
Having found that these instructions are inadequate, I'm setting out to fix them. First up is configuring cygwin. The Instructions given on the linked page aren't enough to compile distcc with. What follows is an alphabetic list of all the packages (with versions and locations) currently in my installation of it (with the exception of those downloaded by default). Most of them are going to be extraneous but I'm not ruling any out until I test them, so I'll weed them out over time, until we're left with just the required packages.

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