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OPS335 Lab 2

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Follow the instructions for lab 2a on blackboard.
===In Class Submission (Murray SaulAndrew's Classes only)sections===[[ImageYou may choose to:lab1_signoff.png|thumb|right|200px|Students should be prepared with * Submit screenshots of your work on Blackboard, in which case you don'''all required commands (system information) displayed in a terminal (or multiple terminals) prior t need to come to calling the instructor for signoff'''lab.]]'''Arrange evidence (command output) for each of these items on * Or come to the lab, show me your screenwork, then ask your instructor and talk to me about it. I want to review them hear what you've learned and sign off on answer any questions you have. You'll get the same grade regardless of how you choose to submit your work. Expected results of this lab's completionare:'''
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span>Proof that the iptables rules work for your host.
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span>Issue command: '''journalctl --dmesg | grep -i MYSSH''' to confirm that outside ssh connections logged.
::<span style="color:green;font-size:1.5em;">&#x2713;</span>Download the labcheck2a.bash and run this checking bash shell script by issuing the command:<br><br>'''wget'''<br><br>set execute permission and run the shell script on your '''host''' machine.
::*For '''Peter's classes''', follow his Online Submission instructions in Moodle.
::*For '''Murray's classes''', run command (piping to the '''more''' command) and show output to instructor.

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