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OPS535 A2 201603

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Supporting Services
== Supporting Services ==
You need the following services and network infrastructure to support your Internet Email System (some of which should have been configured in assignment 1):
* A Pri-dns must be the primary DNS name server for your domain with the proper MX record(s), SPF record(s), A record(s), and PTR record(s). It must be queriable by any machine.
**Provide the administrator of the .ops domain (your professor) with glue records for your domain.
* Co-nfs must be a caching DNS server, accessible to machines in your networks, that will forward traffic to the server for the ops domain (, then to your rns-ldap.
* Rns-ldap must be a forwarding server only.
**It must only be queriable by your co-nfs.
**It must have a copy of the root-hints zone.
* Proper static network routes to and from other Email servers in the Lab.

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