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OPS235 Lab 5

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Part 2: Adding Additional Virtual Hard Drives
<li value="3">Record the size of the volume group and the amount of free space</li>
<li>At the top of your KVM window for '''centos2''', click the '''view''' menu and change view from '''Console''' to <u>'''Details'''</u>''' .</li>
<li>At the bottom left-hand corner, click '''Add Hardware''' and add a new storage device of '''2GBs''', make sure the '''Bus type''' is selected as: <u>'''VirtIOusing the same type as your first drive that's already there''' disk</u>. If your first drive is SATA, IDE, or VirtIO, select that.</li>
<li>Click the '''VM''' menu again, and return to the '''console''' view to access your centos2 VM display.</li>
<li>Issue the command: <b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">ls /dev/vd*</span></code></b>, what has changed?</li>

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