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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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Updating samba shares to fit this semester's theme.
#The root user on your host machine must be able to ssh to the root account on each machine without being prompted for a password.
#It will run '''Samba''' (automatically on boot) to share files with machines in this network.
#Create three <u>new</u> users on the Samba file server, call them '''tarotfrycook-yoursenecaid''', '''octopusgrillstation-yoursenecaid''', and '''spectremanager-yoursenecaid'''. (replace "yoursenecaid" with your <u>actual</u> Seneca ID)
#Create a directory /plans with the following subdirectories:
<pre style="font-size: 14pt;margin-left:30px;">/plansstaff+-- evilstations¦ +-- tarotfry¦ +-- octopusgrill¦ +-- spectreoffice+-- worldstaff +-- conquestschedule +-- dominationsuggestions
<ol><li value="6">Set up permissions/ownership on those directories for your Linux users on the file server so that:<ol type="a"><li>'''tarotfrycook-yoursenecaid''' and '''octopusgrillstation-yoursenecaid''' have '''read/write''' access to their own <u>private</u> directories.</li><li>'''spectremanager-yoursenecaid''' has '''read/write''' access to <u>every</u> directory.</li><li>Everyone has '''read''' access to the '''conquestschedule''' directory (but only the '''spectremanager''' has '''write''' access too).</li><li>Everyone can both '''read''' and '''write''' to the '''dominationsuggestions''' directory.</li></ol></li><li>Set up '''three''' Samba users to mirror your new Linux users.</li><li>Configure '''five''' shares (one for each of tarotfry, octopusgrill, spectreoffice, conquestschedule, and dominationsuggestions) with permissions as close as possible to the Linux permissions.</li></ol>
=== Set-up Windows Client to Test Samba server ('''mcdonalds''')===
Perform the following steps for this section:
#Create a MS Windows OS another virtual machine to act as a virtual machineclient to the samba service. You should know by now how to If using windows, you can obtain the MS Windows image from Seneca's MSDN section (trial version good for 30 days). Refer to the table below for '''address''' and '''hostname'''.
#Create a '''regular user''' for this virtual machine using '''your Seneca userID'''.
#The root user on your host machine must be able to ssh to the root account on each machine without being prompted for a password(not applicable on Windows).
#This machine will use the master and slave DNS servers in your domain as the primary and secondary DNS servers. It will not have access to any other DNS servers.
:::'''tarotfrycook-yoursenecaid''' and '''octopusgrillstation-yoursenecaid''' have '''read/write''' access
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:::'''spectremanager-yoursenecaid''' has '''read/write''' access to every directory
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:::All accounts have '''read''' access to the '''conquestschedule''' directory<br>(but only '''spectremanager-yoursenecaid'' has '''write''' access)
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:::All accounts can both '''read''' and '''write''' to the '''dominationsuggestions''' directory.
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:*'''DOMAIN Name''' NOT Resolved
:*'''VM hostname''' NOT set
:*firewallfirewalld '''enabled''' / '''running'''
:*iptables '''disabled''' / '''not running'''
:*No '''Yum update'''

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