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Investigation 1: Installing Ansible on Your Host Machine
Nagios on Centos7 to an Ansible playbook, test it on your testing environment and then deploy it to a new VM.
==Investigation 1: Installing Ansible on Your Host Machine==
*Install the ansible Ansible package on your host machine.*If you have not already done so, create an sshSSH key-key pair for the '''root user on your host ''' and transfer the public portion of it to your VMs. Ensure that you can use it to ssh to root on your vms VMs without entering a password.*Modify the inventory file on your host to include the fully qualified domain name names of your VMs.*Use the '''setup module ''' to ensure verify that your ansible Ansible host can run plays on your VMs. 
==Investigation 2: Creating an Ansible Playbook==
*Convert the installation script/puppet manifest from the previous labs into an ansible playbook that will configure a centos VM and another non-centos VM as nagios servers performing the same checks as in lab 1.

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