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Add support for more compilers to distcc

1,721 bytes added, 23:50, 25 November 2007
Added 0.25 release
<li>publish/find some more c# files to test with</li>
<li>NOTE: Please ensure the files compile with Mono c# before sending them.</li>
<li>test this on different OSs& networks</li> <li>Make a comprehensive list of the set-up steps on one page, unlike the scattered links there are now</li>. <li>more to be added laterNo coding required, but time consuming.</li>
== Project Details/News ==
=== 0.25 Release ===A new [ patch] has been created. All required functions are now complete for the Mono C# compiler. Now is a great time for more contributors to test this project and try to find (or fix) any bugs that pop up. I'm still having trouble with SVN, but I expect to get that sorted out soon. to use this patch:<ol> <li>[ get cygwin]</li> <li>[ configure cygwin]</li> <li>download the Mono C# [ compiler]</li> <ul> <li>put mono in your PATH</li> </ul> <li>set up an environment variable DISTCC_MCS_HOSTS=localhost</li> <li>Checkout the distcc source</li> <ul> <li>svn co svn://</li> <li>You should get revision 117</li> <li>cd trunk && ./configure && make && make install</li> <li>put distcc in your PATH, before cygwin</lI> </ul> <li>get the 0.25 [ patch]</li> <li>apply the patch</li> <ul> <li>from the trunk directory</li> <li>patch -p0 < pcallaghanzeropointtwofive.txt</li> </ul> <li>configure and build distcc</li> <ul> <li>from the trunk directory</li> <li>./configure && make && make install</li> </ul> <li>get a simple C# [ file]</li> <li>compile it</li> <ul> <li>distcc mcs hello.cs</li> </ul> <li>run it</li> <ul> <li>./hello</li> </ul> <li>As an alternative to steps 9 through 11, find or write some other c# files and test them.</li> <li>Tell me how it went.</li></ol>   === 0.2 Release (Obsolete)===
A new [ patch] has been created. All except one of the required functions (dcc_mcs_scan_args) are now complete. As the work required for this update turned out to be a lot less than I anticipated, a 0.25 patch should be released soon that will implement that last function. An SVN branch is not available yet, but should also be ready in time for 0.25.
Continue work on the previously identified functions. As of 0.1 several were still little more than shells, by the completion of 0.2 all except dcc_mcs_scan_args should be fully completed. A supplementary goal is to set up the source as a branch of the existing trunk on cdot, so testers may just check out the new code rather than having to check out the trunk and patch it.
=== 0.1 Release (Obsolete)===
A [ compiler] has been created.
Note that it is by no means anywhere near completion.

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