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SRT210 Lab 2

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Adding a rule
* Install links (a command-line web browser) and see if you can connect to http://localhost (it should work by default).
* Try to use Firefox on c7host to see the same webpage from lin1 (it should not work by default).
* If you check Check your iptables rules you should be able and try to figure out why you can't Firefox cannot connectto lin1 from c7host. Read the output of <code>iptables -L</code> on lin1 carefully looking for clues that iptables on lin1 is letting inbound http traffic (TCP port 80) pass through.* Add If the output of <code>iptables -L</code> on lin1 isn't letting HTTP traffic through, which by default configuration it wont, add a rule on lin1 to allow inbound traffic to Apache (TCP port 80).
If you make such a mess that you don't know what you did any longer, there are a couple of things that can help you get back to normal:

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