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OPS435 Python Lab 1

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:In advance of this lab, you will install a current distribution of Linux to be used as in a host machineVirtual Machine on your external SSD. You will NOT be required to setup Virtual Machines for do all of your future work within this lab VM (that will be covered in a future labincluding quizzes!). You will then setup your Python scripting environment on your host machine, including the setup the of '''python''' libraries and also the setup of a user-friendly interactive Python environment called '''ipython'''. You will also install additional framework tools (such as '''git''', '''vim''', and '''tmux''') to be used in later labs.
:After selecting an appropriate text editor to use, then you will start to create '''Python''' scripts to learn basic operations such as: '''printing text''', '''using objects''', and performing '''math operations'''.

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