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Jaideep - Array Processing
In [ Blaise Barney's Notes on Array Processing], an example of Array Processing is discussed. The example "demonstrates calculations on 2-dimensional array element; a function is evaluated on each array element."
I used the pseudo-code provided to create a program that creates a 2-dimensional array. The purpose of the program is to create and populate a 2-dimensional array of size n (provided by the user) with random numbers. In this case, the function that is applied to each element in the 2-dimensional array is 'std::rand()/100'. The code is available in the link below:
[ Link to Array Processing code]
From the call graph file, it is evident that the generateRandom() function is an obvious hotspot. It as it is hogging 100% of the execution time. The function consists of 2 for loops, one nested in the other, which makes the function have a Big-O notation of O(n^2).
The computations involved with each element in the array is independent from the rest of the elements, and therefore this function is a deserving candidate for parallelization. Additionally, the array elements can be evenly distributed into sub-arrays and a process can be assigned to each sub-array.

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