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SRT210 Lab 7

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Obtaining a Certificate
# Again acting as the '''CA''': export the certificate and key (i.e. the public key and the private key) as .pem files. The extension .pem doesn't imply what the contents are, it's just a format that is typically used to store keys. You want to export the key without a passphrase, unless you want to type in a password every time your server reboots:<br />[[File:TinyCAExportCert.png]]<br /><br />[[File:TinyCAExportKey.png]]
# That key pair (private + public key) is what you'll need to use to set up your servers. These specific ones you generated here aren't particularly useful because they're for the server yourusername.ops, and you don't have a server with that hostname. But the process is identical for every keypair you'll need to generate in this lab.
# You don't normally need to configure your web browsers because they come with a collection of tusted CAs but since we created our own, we'll need to save the CA certificate also, so that later we can manually add it to Firefox:<br />[[File:TinyCAExportCACert.png]]

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