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SRT210 Lab 6

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= Objectives =
* Learn some fundamental concepts and terminology used with LDAP.* Practice creating users in OpenLDAP.* Set up linux machines to authenticate against an OpenLDAP server.
= PART 1: LDAP concepts CONCEPTS =
We'll use OpenLDAP in this course.
* There is a glossary at the end of the guide. It's not complete and it doesn't have any details, but it's a good place to look when you get confused by weird-looking shorthands like dc, dn, or cn.
You won't be asked to set up an OpenLDAP server from scratch, we don't have time for that. So you can start with a VM I made for you.
The rest of your tasks for this section of the lab are:
* Set up all your nested VMs to authenticate also against LDAP in lin3.(not including alice, which won't let you authenticate via a plain-text channel)* Create two three more users:** yoursenecausername with the UID 10000 and full name Your Full Name (replace with your actual username/name)** jane with the UID 10000 10001 and full name Jane Greystoke** guest with the uid 10001 10002 and full name Andrew's Guests* Confirm that you can log in using all three usernames on all your nested VMs(except lin3). = PART 3: SNIFFING LDAP TRAFFIC = * Set up tcpdump on your asg1->network1 gateway to capture TCP traffic (LDAP works over TCP) in wireshark format.* Start the packet capture, and log in to lin2a1 using one of the usernames in LDAP.* Stop the packet capture, and copy the resulting file to c7host.* Open the file with Wireshark, and examine the contents.* Look for the password you typed into lin2a1. It should be in an LDAP bindRequest packet.
= Lab completion =

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