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SRT210 Lab 6

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Part 2: Using OpenLDAP
OpenLDAP has been set up on it using [ this itzgeek guide]. You should read that guide even though you don't need to perform all those steps yourself.
My OpenLDAP servre server (lin3) has been set up with:
* The Domain Components dc=andrew.dc=ops.
* The admin username <code>ldaproot</code> and the password <code>seneca99ldap</code>
* An Organisation Unit named People, for regular users.
* With one regular user <code>john</code>, whose password you can should change using the ldappasswd command. The rest of your tasks for this section of the lab are:* Set up all your nested VMs to authenticate also against LDAP in lin3.* Create two more users:** jane with the UID 10000 and full name Jane Greystoke** guest with the uid 10001 and full name Andrew's Guests* Confirm that you can log in using all three usernames on all your nested VMs.
= Lab completion =

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