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OPS335 Lab 4

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Sending a Mail Message within your vm2 Machine
#Send an email message locally (i.e. only within) your vm2 machine by issuing the command:<br>'''mail -s "Lab4a - Local - Test1" <yourSenecaID>'''
#After you type in the body of the mail message, move to an empty line, type period "." and press the ENTER key to send the message.
#Switch to your <yourSenecaID> account then issue Issue the following command to read the mail message you send to yourself:<br>'''mail'''<br><br>'''NOTE:''' You can refer to the link below to view a reference chart on how to read and delete received e-mail messages at the mail command prompt:<br>[ Commands to View and Manage Received e-mail Mesages]<br><br>
#Issue the following command: '''cat /var/spool/mail/<yourSenecaID>'''<br>What do you see? What does this show you in terms of where mail is stored on your e-mail server?
#If you received an e-mail message, the message and subject line should appear as a listing in your mail command.<br>If you did not receive a mail message, check your mail server settings, check to see if you mail server is running and also check '''/var/log/maillog''' and '''/var/log/messages'''.

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