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Add support for more compilers to distcc

660 bytes added, 19:10, 16 November 2007
added 0.2 release
== Project Details/News ==
=== 0.2 Release ===
A new [ patch] has been created. All except one of the required functions (dcc_mcs_scan_args) are now complete. As the work required for this update turned out to be a lot less than I anticipated, a 0.25 patch should be released soon that will implement that last function. An SVN branch is not available yet, but should also be ready in time for 0.25.
to use this patch:
<li>Either reverse the first patch or get a non-patched version of the trunk</li>
<li>Apply the new [ patch]
===Goal for 0.2 release===
=== 0.1 Release ===
A patch[] has been created.
Note that it is by no means anywhere near completion.
That's why this is the 0.1 release.
This patch has been tested on Windows XP, using cygwin to tell distcc to compile a single, simple c# file. To use it:
<li>get cygwin[ cygwin]</li> <li>configure cygwin[ cygwin]</li> <li>download the Mono C# compiler[]</li>
<li>put mono in your PATH</li>
<li>svn co svn://</li>
<li>You should get revision 117</li>
<li>cd trunk && ./configure && make && make install</li>
<li>put distcc in your PATH, before cygwin</lI>
<li>get the 0.1 patch[]</li>
<li>apply the patch</li>
<li>./configure && make && make install</li>
<li>get a simple C# file[]</li>
<li>compile it</li>

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