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OPS235 Lab 2

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Part 1: Installing VM from a Network (Graphical)
#<span style="background-color:yellow;">During the install, select '''Gnome Desktop''' software selection). For partitioning, select '''I will configure partition settings''', click done, then select '''Click here to create them automatically'''. Set the / partition for '''ext4''' file-system type, and click '''Done'''.</span>
#<span style="background-color:yellow;">Set the correct '''Date and Time Zone''', and then click on '''Network and Hostname'''. The network should be turned on. For hostname, enter: '''centos1''' and then click '''Done'''.</span>
# <span style="background-color:yellow;">Complete the installation. Login to your regular user account, switch to the root user with <b>su -</b>, and perform a '''yum update''' for the centos1 VM (reboot if required). Make certain to adjust your screen-saver settings if desired.</span>
{{Admon/important|Use same root password / regular username / regular user passwords for c7host and ALL VMs|To simplify the lab checking process make certain that you use the identical root password, regular username, and regular username password for VMs that you create in this labs as you did for c7host machine in lab1.<br><br>}}

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