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OPS235 Lab 2

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Part 1: Backing Up Virtual Machines
# What happened in the virtual manager window? To remove a VM entry in the Virtual Manager window, simply issue the command: '''virsh undefine vm_name''' (without the '''.xml''' file extension)
# Start up your new centos4 VM.
# Click on the user <i>OPS235</i>, and click the cog icon.# Notice <i>Cinnamon (Software Rendering) </i> is selected. The Cinnamon desktop environment has been installed on this VM. From this menu, you can select other installed desktop environments. This is how you switch between them. Write it down.# Login with the password <b><i>ops235</i></b>. Feel free to explore the new environment.
# Prior to your practical test, you will be required to perform a similar operation to download, unzip and run a VM image for your practical test.<br><br>
{{Admon/important|Shutting Down the Host while Virtual Machines are Running|If you shut down your host system while virtual machines are running, they will be suspended, and will resume the next time you boot your host system.}}

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