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SRT210 Lab 2

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== Simple commands ==
Use these commands to check the curent network settings on lin1:
* ip link (show interfaces)
* ip address (the MAC address, IP address, and subnet mask for every interface)
* ip route (the routing table)
* cat /etc/resolv.conf (the DNS server you're configured to query)
* arp -n (the ARP table)
Note if you're missing a command - you can figure out what package contains in by using <code>yum whatprovides</code>
== New virtual network ==
# Enable Network Forwarding by Selecting '''Forwarding to physical network''', the destination should be '''Any physical device''' and the mode should be '''NAT'''
== Network settings on lin1 ==
* Now if you try to start lin1 - it will tell you that the network "default" is unavailable. Go into the lin1 VM settings and configure the NIC to use "network1" instead.
* After starting the VM you'll find that your network interface is not configured (try all the commands above again to see their output).
* Configure your wired interface by editing the file .
* Change to the '''/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts''' directory.
* List the contents of this directory. You should see 2 different types of files, network config scripts and network configuration files.
* Look for the configuration file for your interface. It should have the name of the interface in the filename and the interface's MAC address in its contents.
* Edit that file and give it the following settings:
::HWADDR=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx '''# Make sure it's the right MAC address
* Ask yourself where did the IP address come from and why it's your default gateway and DNS server.

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