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OPS235 Lab 6

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Part 1: Configuring a Private Network (Via Virtual Machine Manager)
# In the '''Connection Details''' dialog box, select the '''Virtual Networks''' tab
# Click to <u>de-select</u> the '''Autostart (on boot)''' check-box options and click the '''Apply''' button.
# Stop the default network configuration by clicking on the '''stop''' button at the bottom left-side of the dialog box.
# Click the '''add''' button (the button resembles a "plus sign") to add a new network configuration.
# Type the network name called: '''network1''', and then click the '''Forward''' button.
[[Image:new_network_dialog.png|right|thumb|300px|Although the private network has been setup via the '''Virtual Machine Manager''', each virtual machine requires to change its own network setting individually (either '''graphically''' or by '''command line''').]]
=== Part 2: Configuring Network For centos1 VM===

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