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Tinderbox front page improvements

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== Project Information ===== Project Name ===
Tinderbox front page improvements
=== Project Description ===
[ Tinderbox] is a web app showing the results of multiple machines building Firefox, running unit tests on it, and running performance tests on it, all on three different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac). The display is very crowded right now, and can be difficult to read. In addition, some of the interesting information (changes in performance, for example) are hard to notice. The tinderbox server software recently was updated to include [ JSON] output, which means that webpages can now easily access the data to build their own displays. Using this data, create a new display for the Tinderbox data that helps developers monitor the status of the builds and performance data.
* [ Another example page using the data]. (Requires a [ recent Firefox 3 build])
=== Project Leader(s) ===
* [[User:dominic|Dominic Baranski (dominic) ]]
=== Project Contributor(s) ===
* [ Bug #400707] - Adding JSON output to
====My own bugbugs====
* [ Thunderbird Bug #6009]- A test bug for Thunderbird
== Project News ==

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