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OPS335 Installation Lab

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Installation instructions for CentOS 7
=== Installation instructions for Centos CentOS 7 ===# It may be advisable to obtain a <u>newer version</u> of the Centos CentOS 7 Full Installation DVD since there may be improvements since the last version from when you took OPS235.<br><br># Download and burn on a DVD a copy of the Centos CentOS 7 installation DVD (64 bit edition) from the Centos CentOS web site or the Belmont server.<br>'''Note:''' we'll be using the 64 bit version of Centos CentOS because all of our lab computers are equiped equipped with Intel 64 bit mainboards and CPUs, and any computer you bought in the last few years for yourself will be 64bit as well.<br><br>#* '''Seneca's mirror of CentosCentOS:''' http<br>This is very fast, but is only accessible from within Seneca's network - you can't access this from home. You can burn this disc on the machines in the Open Lab.)<br><br>#* '''Outside Seneca College link (available from any Internet connection):<br>''' http://mirror.csclubnetflash.uwaterloo.canet/centos/7/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-18041810.iso<br /><br>
# You need to refer to your OPS235 notes in order to install your host machine.<br>Here is a direct link:<br> [ OPS235 - Lab1]
{{Admon/tip |Boot order|Some of our machines' boot order is configured to be Harddrive first, DVD second. Which means you won't be able to boot from the DVD if you already have an operating system installed on your drive.}}

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