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OPS235 Lab 3 - CentOS7 - SSD2

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Part 3: Generating Sofware Package Information with Shell Scripts
<li value="8">Save, set permissions, and then run that shell script for the application '''gedit'''. Did it create that report? Try running the script without an argument - What did it do? <li>Use the <b><code>wget</code></b> command to download, study, and run the following shell scripts on-line:<blockquote><b><code><span style=" pointer-events:none;cursor:default;color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;"></span></code></b></blockquote></li><li>Try to understand what this Bash Shell script does.</li><li>You have completed lab3. Proceed to Completing The Lab, and follow the instructions for "lab sign-off".</li></ol>
'''Answer the Investigation 3 observations / questions in your lab log book.'''

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