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Add support for more compilers to distcc

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added 0.2 goals, new contributors and new contribution method
== Project Contributor(s) ==
<ul><li>[[User:Rueen|Rueen Fiez]]</li><li>[[User:tjduavis|Timothy Duavis]]</li><li>[[User:Vlam6|Vincent Lam]]</li><li>[[User:Vbala|Vijey Balasundaram]]</li></ul>
Some options for contributions:
<li>publish /find some more c# files to test with</li> <li>test this on different OSs</lIli> <li>Make a comprehensive list of the set-up steps on one page, unlike the scattered links there are now</li>
<li>more to be added later</li>
== Project Details /News == ===Goal for 0.2 release===Continue work on the previously identified functions. As of 0.1 several were still little more than shells, by the completion of 0.2 all except dcc_mcs_scan_args should be fully completed. A supplementary goal is to set up the source as a branch of the existing trunk on cdot, so testers may just check out the new code rather than having to check out the trunk and patch it. 
=== 0.1 Release ===
A patch[] has been created.
== Project News ==
===Known Bugs ===
See the list within [[Distcc With MSVC]]

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