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Contributions To Other Projects
== Contributions To Other Projects ==
These are the following project's I've contributed to. Anything from actual code, documentation, testing, or providing some service to benefit the project.
#'''Desktop Social Networking Integration project'''#'''Full Text History Search extension'''
#'''In Progress:''' [ Add Support For More Compilers To Distcc] Project. I have lined up some C# files that need to be tested on the distcc compiler. They are not ordinary C# files, these are C# classes that include everything from data structures, use inheritance and polymorphism (in other words, interfaces). Peter Callaghan informed me that this would be beneficial to the project because it would test out if the system is capable of handling major C# systems.
=== Full Text History Search extension ===
*[ Project's Wiki]
*I assisted the project's leader, Vijey Balasundaram, with JavaScript code primarily.
== Modifying Firefox Lab ==

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