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OPS235 Lab 8

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# If there are no files displayed, then issue the following command to install the dhcp server package: <b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">yum install dhcp</span></code></b>
# Again, enter the command to list all the files installed from the DHCP server package by issuing the command: <b><code><span style="color:#3366CC;font-size:1.2em;">rpm -qla dhcp</span></code></b>
# which Which file appears to be a sample (example) '''configuration file for dhcpd.conf'''?
# Copy the '''dhcpd.conf.example''' file to the '''/etc/dhcp''' directory making sure it is named: '''/etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf'''
::<span style="font-family:courier;"> lease {</span>
::<span style="font-family:courier;">&nbsp; &nbsp;interface "eth0";</span>
::<span style="font-family:courier;">&nbsp; &nbsp;fixed-address;</span>
::<span style="font-family:courier;">&nbsp; &nbsp;option subnet-mask;</span>
::<span style="font-family:courier;">&nbsp; &nbsp;option routers;</span>

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