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OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Project Ideas

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OSD/DPS Fall 2018 Open Source Projects
* [ Shreena Athia]
* [Joshua Mayers]
== 12. Goblin Camp Stone Soup ==
This project is a fork of a project called Goblin Camp, a clone of Dwarf Fortress.
It is written in C++, and includes its own version of Boost and libtcod along with other dependencies.
Repo: []
Call-to-arm: []
=== Research ===
We will be focusing on, in this order:
* bringing the project up-to-speed in terms of its libraries and dependencies,
* profiling, testing, and understanding various bottlenecks,
* and start improving performance while also implementing features from Dwarf Fortress.
=== People ===
* [Yoosuk Sim]
* [Robert Dittrich]
== Other ideas presented ==

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