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OPS535 A2 201603

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== Supporting Services ==
You need the following services and network infrastructure to support your Internet Email System(some of which should have been configured in assignment 1):# * A primary DNS name server for your domain with the proper MX record(s), SPF record(s), and A record(s).# Proper static network routes to , and from other Email servers in the Lab.# An IMAP/IMAPS server running on one of your virtual machines.# Two Web Mail servers running on two separated virtual machines. You need to store the users' mail on a NFS server so that both web mail servers can access the users' mail boxes. This will allow your email users to use any one of your two web mail servers. PTR record(If you are short on time, one web server will be accepted.s)# Make your domain visible on the Lab's network. Please check the wiki site for the root hint file and/or the top level name servers' IP.# **Update your DNS server info on the wiki site as well. URL of the wiki site: . If you have trouble editing the wiki page, please send an email to your professor.# A root name server for delegating domains to their corresponding registrants**Provide the administrator of the .ops domain (your professor) with either glue records or a stub zone definition. # A working LDAP server for storing email user account information. If you are not using LDAP, you must at least use NIS * Proper static network routes to centralize all your email user accountsand from other Email servers in the Lab== BONUS ==# Optional: Use LDAP authentication to secure your web mail serveror Access Agent. (Bonus item +10%)# Optional: Enable Confiugre a DNSSEC on Trust Anchor so that your root name co-nfs server, primary DNS server, caching DNS considers the .ops server to already be authenticated. I will provide the key necessary for this through blackboard. (Bonus item +10%)# Optional: Enable postfix restrictions to reject malformed or suspicious incoming mail (Bonus item - up to +10%depending on quality of configuration)
<!-- # Optional: Implement dynamic firewall rules to block black-listed IP addresses of email spammer. (Bonus item +10%) -->

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