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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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== Purpose ==
In this assignment, you will use the '''335assign virtual network''' and the '''cloyne''' cloning-source that you created in assignment 1 (part 1) to create two e-mail servers: a '''Mail Transfer Agent''' called '''kingston''' and a ''Message Store'' (IMAP) called '''coburg'''. You will also use the '''cloyne''' cloning source to create a Samba server called '''perchmilton'''. In addition to creating those Linux servers, you will also be required to create a virtual machine for an MS Windows operating system to test-out your Samba server. As you perform and submit this assignment, you '''MUST''' run the '''toronto''' Master Name server and '''ottawa''' Slave server in order to resolve domain names to IP addresses.
== General Requirements ==
Add MX records to the forward lookup zone on your master DNS server so that all incoming mail addressed to the domain is sent to your IMAP server ('''coburg''') first, and the MTA ('''kingston''') as a fall-back.
=== Set-up a Samba Server ('''perchmilton''')===
Perform the following steps for this section:
#Create a clone virtual machine called '''perchmilton''' from the '''cloyne''' cloning-source. Refer to the table below for '''address''' and '''hostname'''.
#Create a '''regular user''' for this virtual machine using '''your Seneca userID'''.
#The root user on your host machine must be able to ssh to the root account on each machine without being prompted for a password.
<ol><li value="6">Set up permissions/ownership on those directories for your Linux users on the file server so that:<ol type="a"><li>'''yoursenecaid-1''' and '''yoursenecaid-2''' have '''read/write''' access to their own <u>private</u> directories.</li><li>'''yoursenecaid-admin''' has '''read/write''' access to <u>every</u> directory.</li><li>Everyone has '''read''' access to the '''readonly''' directory (but only the '''admin''' has '''write''' access too).</li><li>Everyone can both '''read''' and '''write''' to the '''readwrite''' directory.</li></ol></li><li>Set up '''three''' Samba users to mirror your new Linux users.</li><li>Configure '''five''' shares (one for each directory above) with permissions as close as possible to the Linux permissions.</li></ol>
=== Set-up Windows Client to Test Samba server ('''perchmilton''')===
Perform the following steps for this section:
=== Network Configuration ===
As you will now have functioning primary and secondary DNS servers, modify your network configuration file for the '''kingston''', '''coburg''', and '''perchmilton''' servers specify the correct IPADDR.
=== Table of Virtual Machines / DNS Records ===
#Any machine may send smtp traffic to '''kingston''' and '''coburg'''.
#Only machines in the local network may send IMAP traffic to '''coburg'''.
#Only machines in the local network may access the samba shares on '''perchmilton'''.
== Assignment Submission ==
:::E-mails sent from '''kingston''' and '''perchmilton''' servers to '''coburg''' server (user@IP_ADDR)
| style="text-align:right" | /1
:::E-mails sent from '''kingston''' and '''perchmilton''' servers to '''coburg''' server (user@DOMAIN_NAME)
| style="text-align:right" | /1

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