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OPS335 - Assignment 2

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== Purpose ==
In this assignment, you will use the '''335assign virtual network''' and the '''cloyne''' cloning-source that you created in assignment 1 (part 1) to create two e-mail servers: a '''Mail Transfer Agent''' called '''kingston''' and a ''Message Store'' (IMAP) called '''coburg'''. You will also use the '''cloyne''' cloning source to create a Samba server called '''perch'''. In addition to creating those Linux servers, you will also be required to create a virtual machine for an MS Windows operating system to test-out your Samba server. As you perform and submit this assignment, you '''MUST''' run at least the '''pickereltoronto''' Master Name server and '''ottawa''' Slave server in order to resolve domain names to IP addresses.
== General Requirements ==

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