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OPS335 Lab 6

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<li>To make things easier, install RoundCube through your local web browser.</li>
::* Go onto c7hostyour host, open Firefox and on the address bar type "vm1.<yourSenecaID>.ops/webmail/installer", make sure your dns on c7host host can resolve the web address. Alternatively, instead of "vm1.<yourSenecaID>.ops" you can input the ip address of your vm1, "192.168.X.2/webmail/installer", change X to your own IP octet.
::* Inside the web browser installer, ensure all required options are "ok", if "DOM: not ok" it means you need to install additional php packages (yum install policycoreutils-python php-xml php-mbstring). Once everything is ready (it will not let you continue otherwise) click next go to the next page.
::* On the next page, insert "vm3.<yourSenecaID>.ops" under the '''imap settings''' '''default_host''' field and "143" in '''default_port''' field. Insert "vm2.<yourSenecaID>.ops" under '''smtp settings''' '''smtp_server''' field, and "25" in '''smtp_port''' field.
::* Under '''Database setup''' '''db_dsnw''', enter "localhost" as your database server, "name of your database you created" for database name, or just use a default created one, such as "mysql". Put "root" as Database user, and your own password for database password (the password you use to login to mysql as root). Everything else can be left as default.
::* Click next to create the configuration file, then download it to your c7hosthost. By default it will be saved under "~SenecaID/Downloads". Transfer the files to vm1 using scp and place it inside /var/www/html/webmail/config folder.
::* Enter "restorecon -v /var/www/html/webmail/config/" Restart httpd and refresh the web installer page.
::* Go to test config page if you are not there already and "Check config file" should be ok. "Check DB config" should also be ok, if not check your mysql settings.

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